Calling all Volunteers: Your Research and Transcription Skills are Needed!!!

The West Virginia GeoExplorer Program is looking for volunteers to help with transcribing the newspaper collection.  Professional transcribers and hobbyists alike are welcome; all that’s really required is that you have an eye for detail and interest in history. For more details and to get started, have a look at the Volunteer Page.  More opportunities to help make the West Virginia GeoExplorer a top-notch research tool will be forthcoming.

WV GeoExplorer at the APUS Eastern Panhandle Colloquium

On March 10, 2012, WV GeoExplorer Project Director William Theriault lead a panel discussion at American Public University System’s Colloquium on the History, Identity, and Heritage of the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. You can view the discussion below. APUS University Archives has also created a Panhandle research and history resource on their Campus Guide Website.

Blogging the WV GeoExplorer Project

Welcome to the West Virginia GeoExplorer Project Blog – a companion to the recently launched GIS-based resource on West Virginia history.  Information on the project can be found on the WV GeoExplorer homepage and the Jefferson County Historic Landmarks Commission website.

The purpose of this blog is to provide the following:

1. News and updates on the project, including additions to the existing stores of data, records, and publications, as well as enhancements to search functionality and site tools.

2. Selections from the materials contained within the project databases to help spark and sustain dialogue between contributors, researchers, project administrators and others interested in the history, culture, and geography of West Virginia.

3. A forum for volunteer support, outreach, and recruitment since the project is non-profit and entirely dependent on the work and expertise of volunteers.

In other words, this blog is part showcase and part tool – designed to build a community of practice and help inform the project as it continues to evolve.

Check back for updates on the WV GeoExplorer Project and please feel free to join in on the conversation.